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Code Compliance

Is your Accessory Dwelling Unit Properly Permitted? How do you make sure everything is up to code?

Whether you moved into a property that already has an unpermitted ADU or you built one yourself, Building Buddy is ready to help you make sure your permitting meets city regulations and that you stay out of hot water.

What We do:

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Just because something is straightforward doesn’t mean it’s not intimidating. That’s why Building Buddy is here to help you make sure your ADU is code compliant and guide you through the permitting process.

     We assess your ADU for the appropriate permitting.

✔    We handle the paperwork necessary to make sure you line up with the city and county regulations. 

     We make sure your application gets approved and your ADU is up to code.

Why Should You Make  Code Compliance  a Priority?

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If your ADU isn’t compliant with city or county code, you risk being forced to tear the entire structure down. However, if you proactively make sure that you are compliant with all necessary regulations and codes, even if you did not do so originally, there is no retroactive penalty and the risk of having to remove your ADU goes away.

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We can help!
Let Building Buddy help give you peace of mind.