About Us

Building Buddy assists homeowners and investors through the entire ADU and home renovation process.

  • We help homeowners and investors discover their property’s full potential.

  • We connect clients to a network of construction marketplace partners. 

  • We manage ADU builds and renovations throughout the project lifecycle.


Meet the Team:

Who's Your Buddy?

Roee Gold - Founder, ADU Specialist

“My goal is to help as many people build ADUs as possible.” 

Born and raised in San Diego, Roee has been fascinated by and had a love for real estate for as long as he can remember. 


After spending the past 3 years working at Garden Communities, with involvement in everything from the construction site to the design office, Roee knew it was time to level-up the ADU industry and help property owners and managers maximize their investment. 

“I view real estate as art. We should a be mindful of what we build.”

Whether you’re looking to generate passive income or add space for family to move in, Roee has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. From ensuring you get the best deal on your build to guiding you through what can be a frustrating process, Roee is motivated to change the industry and deliver an ADU you’ll be proud to own.